5 Tips To Save Your Relationship

5 Tips To Save Your Relationship - Most of us believe that romance dies when the relationship reaches a number of years old. We sometimes notice that the spark seems to flicker out from the relationship. It is harder for women to accept it because they are more emotional than men.

IN my opinion as a woman The flames of passion may have grown cold, but this does not mean that the flames have died out. Even if the romance seems dead in our eyes, we should never give up.

If women choose to breathe new life into these flames, it is more than possible for us to revive the romance that we may have already thought to be lost.

The most important thing about a long term relationship is that, it should be Healthy, and it comes with understanding and respect.Your relationship is healthy when both of you are happy.

Let’s say, you are very happy in your current relationship because your partner gives you everything in the world, but did you give your partner something that makes him/her happy too?

If only one partner is enjoying the life in your relationships ,it might be good to think what will you have in the future. If your partner is nice to you, you should be thankful and be nice to him/her in return.

How can you have the romantic life you have always wanted? If you want your fantasies to become a reality, then you must introduce them to reality.

Our partners are not mind readers, yet we tend to believe they are, expecting them to act out and the things we picture them doing in our imaginations.


1.Show Him How To Be Romantic

You do not necessarily have to ask your partner to act a certain way or do a certain thing, but you can introduce your romantic ideas by starting to act them out yourself.

This will paint a clear picture for your partner, helping him or her see what kind of romantic personality you have,and what you enjoy. You will also learn more about your partner, because you will see their response to your romantic suggestions.

It is better that you do this at the beginning of your dating process, or in the beginning of your relationship ,but also as long as you and your partner love each other it is never late to improve your relationship to a passionate and happy relationship.

2. Show Him Your Love

Men whose partners give them affirmation with words and gestures that show they are appreciated, respected, and loved, are twice as likely to describe themselves as happy in their relationship.

Men may need affirmation more than women. Women are constantly receiving flattery from friends and even strangers who say, ‘Love your outfit! But men don’t get that recognition.

Can you imagine a passerby stopping your guy to compliment him on how well his tie matches his shirt?It rarely happens between guys. That is why men rely on that attention from their mates. Luckily, there is another payoff to your flattery: He is more likely to return those loving deeds back to you.

Another way to show him your love is to touch him more. Touch is the best way to rekindle a dying romance. You could hug him goodbye every morning before he leaves for work, touch his face and kiss him when he comes back from work.

Offer to give him a relaxing massageonce in a while. Or after a candlelit dinner wear your prettiest dress and dance with him cheek to cheek and try to be the sexy lovely woman like you used to be when you just stated dating him. Touch him softly while dancing. The intimacy that touching brings is a sure way to light the fire up once more.

3. Spend Some Quality Time Together

A weekly date night always works as a way to reconnect, but sometimes all you need is a few minutes. Take just 15 minutes a day to talk about your relationship your feelings,anything except for responsibilities or your job.

knowing your partner intimately is not always about engaging in heavy conversations: Anything that helps you learn something new will bring you closer. You can talk about the new movie you have heard of and ask him if he is interested to watch it.

Or the new restaurant near by that you can go and have a romantic dinner. You’ll get to know each other’s inner world and strengthen your bond of happiness, when you talk enough. The problem comes when we are too busy to talk about our feelings and interests to our partner.

4. Understand Each Other’s Needs

The main reason long term relationships break up is not conflict, communication problems, or physical incompatibility. In my opinion it is frustration.

The day to day disappointment of the gap between what you expect and how your partner acts is the most damaging. To diffuse that frustration, share your expectations with each other.

Maybe you desire more affection and he craves more relaxed couple time. you should also stop complaining too loudly, being cross with him all the time, or nagging at him.
Men does not like women who complain all the time. If you be kind to him and know how to ask him, he will do what ever you want and will give you what ever you wish. You just need to know how to make him do it with kindness and patience not nagging and complaining.

5. Focus on the Good side on everything

Do you think the best way to make your relationship better is to work at fixing what is wrong?
No, The most effective way to boost fun and passion is to add positive elements to your relationship.

Positive energy makes us feel good and motivates us to keep going in that direction. This does not mean that you can not feel or talk about anything negative, but “pretend you are weighing your interactions on a scale.

If you want a happier relationship, the positive side needs to far outweigh the bad. The more you honor the love and joy in your bond, the sooner you’ll transform your partnership into one that is truly great.

Try these 5 tips and I promise your life will become better and happier. Never loose your hope and try to be a better person every day. If you expect the others to do something for you, you do it for them firs. If you want to be loved you should love first. Make your lover happy and he will make you the happiest. I wish all the joy and happiness in life for all of you.
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